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Green Pro Fogger


Cordless Fogger

AirArmour foggers are designed and approved for applying AirArmour Deco Pro cleaner, disinfectant, and decontaminant. These foggers are to be used with AirArmour Decon Pro. Models may vary but are all approved and effective.

We have different fogger models available. Call for Info. If a specific model is not specified, we will ship according to our inventory.  803.606.5224

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Proven effective in thousands of applications by U.S. military, federal agencies including FEMA and professional remediators, this broad-spectrum disinfectant and decontaminant neutralizes biological and chemical threats.

Patented Technology
AirArmour’s Green Pro Fogger with portable ultrafine nebulizer has patented technology.
With this technology, the fogger can produce a dripless, finer atomization without drips more efficiently. No other cordless fogger holds patent to this technology.

Fine Micron Size – Selectable Nozzles
• white - fine, 25 microns
• blue – medium, 50 microns
• red – coarse, 70 microns

High Air Velocity
Compared to other brands, AirArmour’s Green Pro Fogger can generate higher air velocity with its stronger battery power. Air velocity is higher, fogging distance is longer and micron size is finer.

Superior Battery
The high quality 24 Volt Li-ion battery enables the AirArmour Green Pro Fogger to run continuously for 1 hour at high air velocity. Taking both air velocity and battery running time into consideration, the AirArmour Green Pro Fogger outperforms all other brands on the market today.

Brushless Motor
This type of motor has a longer service life than any brush type motor.

Extension Hose and Casing
By implementing a 20" extension hose, the application area is enlarged, and the treated area can be focused with more flexibility. The AirArmour Green Pro Fogger casing is made from flame retardant nylon. Most other brands are made of pp or normal nylon and do not have non-flammble retartant.

Chemical and Acid-resistant
All surfaces contacting solution are made of high-quality, chemical and acid resistant materials.

User-friendly Solution Tank Design
The large opening on solution tank makes the job easier for refilling and cleaning.


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