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AirArmour foggers are designed and approved for applying AirArmour Deco Pro cleaner, disinfectant, and decontaminant. These foggers are to be used with AirArmour Decon Pro. Models may vary but are all approved and effective.

We have different fogger models available. Call for Info. If a specific model is not specified, we will ship according to our inventory.  803.606.5224

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Droplet Size: 5-30 Micron
Flow Rate:
0.0-2 gallons per hour
2 gallons
11 lb.
18 X 18 X 18 in.
Weight (Shipping):
12 lb.
Spray Distance:
15-20 ft.
Hose Length:
18 in.
Electric Motor:
120 watts

Product Description

The MST 575 ULV Backpack Sprayer is assembled in the USA and designed specifically for the proper deployment of AirArmour Decon Pro.

Key Benefits Overview

The MST 575 ULV Backpack Sprayer with adjustable flow rate, heavy-duty flex hose and 2-gallon tank is designed to be a lightweight backpack for treating large areas.

Delivers the perfect micron droplet: MST 575 ULV Backpack Sprayer is engineered to deliver the perfect micron droplet at the perfect flow rate, maximizing efficacy, while avoiding over saturation.

Convenient, affordable and effective: Properly atomizing AirArmour Decon Pro with the MST 575 ULV Backpack Sprayer will save you time and expense on your next job.

Built to last. The unit’s vortex nozzle is designed to be clog resistant. The solution tank is made from rugged, chemical-resistant polyurethane. A one-way valve protects the engine from liquid backflow.

Designed for applying disinfectants, biocides, insecticides, oil- and water-based solutions.

The AirArmour MST 575 ULV Backpack Fogger is designed for AirArmour products. Use of other solutions in the fogger may void warranty.


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