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Decontaminant Solution

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    Decon Pro (1 Case of 4 Gallons)

    $275.97 $245.50

    Decon Pro (1 Case of 4 Gallons)

    $275.97 $245.50

    Not available in CA or NY.

    AirArmour Decon Pro is a broad-spectrum disinfectant and decontaminant with the highest kill rate measurable (99.99999%) against harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and chemicals. It’s also inherently biodegradable and environmentally benign. This remarkable patented formula was invented by America’s top scientists at Sandia National Laboratories.

    AirArmour Decon Pro has been used for more than 12 years by federal agencies, professional remediators, corporations, hospitals, schools and others when the threat is so serious, the damage so severe and the stakes so high, that there can be no compromise.

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